The Lake Kirby Master Plan can be downloaded here (93 MB).

The mission of Lake Kirby Nature Park is to improve and expand the conservation efforts, educational programs, and family friendly recreation of this valuable resource for the enjoyment of all visitors. The West Texas Science Center is working with the City of Abilene to improve Lake Kirby facilities.

Abilene's first nature park will be:
- A living laboratory for Abilene's youth, public schools, and universities.
- A new kind of economic engine expanding economic diversity.
- A project that partners well with Abilene's existing programs, institutions, and facilities.
- A transformation of a much neglected park asset.
- Compatible with existing uses.
- Aggressively seeking public funding.

For current activities at Lake Kirby, see the Lake Kirby Nature Park Facebook Page.

August 10, 2018, marked the official opening of Lake Kirby Nature Park. At a ceremony presided over by Leslie Andrews for the city, many folks were recognized for their work in making completion of the First Phase a reality. Most importantly, credit was given to Mitch Wright whose master planning and oversight of the construction made it happen. Now begins efforts to make the remainder of the Master Plan come to fruition. Thanks to Mitch and all others for helping to shape the future of Abilene. Please take the time to drive out to the East side of Lake Kirby and see the impressive improvements.

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