Field trips are organized for students in cooperation with their various schools. One of the most interesting to the students and their instructors is the paleontology trips to the BigBend area of Texas where students have "hands on" opportunities to excavate real fossil remains of Cretaceous-age vertebrates.

New species have been discovered, and extended range information determined. These trips are led by members of the organization, and where new findings have justified professional description papers have been published in national journals with WTSC personnel as co-authors.
field_tripsOctober 30, 2019- The Mosasaur skeleton is in the process of being installed in the sandpit in the play area this week and next. Do you see the head and jaws? The last image shows how a flipper and part of the tail come out of the sandpit and will provide seating for children. Mosasaurs lived in the Earth's oceans at the same time that dinosaurs walked the land, about 85 million years ago. Their fossilized teeth and bones have been found in many parts of Texas. I will share many more wonderful details as the construction progresses! #DoctorBot #LakeKirby




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