Yesterday was a warm, wonderful day to be out at Lake Kirby! I was exploring on the boardwalk when I came across this cocoon, suspended by two long silk threads across several branches in a hackberry tree. This is a winter cocoon of the Basilica Orbweaver spider and the individual "beads" are egg sacs. This is how many spider species survive the winter. The adult female lays the egg sacs and wraps them up in silk to build a cocoon that can survive the winter weather. The ultimate sacrifice for a parent! Stay tuned for more posts about about how this species is adapted to survive until spring. But dangers lurk just around the corner! #DoctorBot #Lakeirby



A note of thanks!

A note of thanks! We now have 1395 followers on the Lake Kirby Nature Park Page!! We at the West Texas Science Center and Friends of Kirby Lake thank you for all of your interest and support. And all of your fellow creatures at Kirby thank you too! Here's a collage of some of your favorite "likes" from this past year in celebration. Enjoy! #DoctorBot #LakeKirby


Kirby Snow Day!

Kirby Snow Day! Here are two more pics from yesterday's morning snowfall. The tracks are from one of our resident feral cats. Second image shows juniper boughs or branches full of snow. #DoctorBot #LakeKirby



Baby Bluebonnets at Lake Kirby!

Baby Bluebonnets at Lake Kirby! I am so happy that the Spring 2020 generation has arrived! The first two images show recently germinated leaves (probably no more than a week old!). Bluebonnet leaves are arranged in a rosette of 5 leaflets connected to each other at their base. These baby rosettes are just under the size of a dime across in diameter. Can you see the condensed water droplets in the second image? The third image shows last spring's mature plants in full bloom. Enjoy and please share with your friends! #DoctorBot #LakeKirby




Thank you Master Naturalists!

Thank you Master Naturalists! West Texas Science Center would like to thank the Big Country Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalists for donating $300 to help fund the ongoing projects at Lake Kirby. It is very gratifying when area organizations and individuals recognize and contribute to the work that many are doing to improve Lake Kirby! #DoctorBot #LakeKirby

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